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Ingham County Pheasants Forever - Youth Page

Ingham County Pheasants Forever - Youth Page

Michigan's Next Pheasant Hunters

Welcome to the next generation in conservation and pheasant hunting enthusiasts. In efforts to help our younger generation play a larger role in our efforts to conserve and provide habitat for upland game, our chapter provides today's youth with opportunities to learn about what Pheasants Forever is truly about. Michigan provides conservation educational materials, safety of firearms and mentor youth hunts for those kids who may not have the same opportunities as most. Take a moment and read about our youth events or find out how you can become a key component of helping future Pheasants Forever Members.

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Hunter's Safety Courses

Hunter's Safety Courses

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase pheasants for miles, safety is one of the most important aspects. We promote and encourage hunter safety in the field. Through these classes and education we show both youth and adults the proper ways to hold, maneuver and proper gun care. Getting those who are not familiar with a gun, comfortable with handling their firearm so that they can enjoy their hunts successfully. For more information when or where our hunting safety classes can be found, please follow the links below.


Traditional October 13th 8:30am – 3:00pm and October 14th 8:00am – 2:00pm (may be shorter)

All classes held at the Ingham Conservation District. 1031 W. Dexter Trail, Mason, MI

Register via email by submitting your FULL NAME-AGE-CONTACT NUMBER-DAY ATTENDING to You will receive an email confirmation once your information has been received.  Must submit proof of online course completion upon arrival for Field Day class.

All classes are Free of Charge

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Annual Youth Hunts

Annual Youth Hunts

The hunts are open to boys and girls that have successfully completed a hunter safety course.  A valid Michigan small game license is required.  Hunts take place at Woodland Acres, north of St. Johns. The hunts are divided into morning and afternoon groups.  Each group will participate in a mock hunt, and shoot a few clay pigeons prior to going to the fields.  Both groups will have lunch together at midday.

The emphasis is on safety and sportsmanship. This is a great event for your beginning hunter.   The boys and girls will hunt in pairs under the close supervision of a guide/dog handler.  They will hunt fields in which there will be four birds released for each hunter, giving them the opportunity to see a dog work the field, and experience the full excitement of the sport.  

Again, the emphasis is on safety and good sportsmanship.  Ingham PF reserves the right to restrict the hunt to youth that demonstrate sufficient control of a firearm and command of the rules of firearm safety. We request all kids become members of Pheasants Forever Ringnecks.

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