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Ingham County Pheasants Forever

52 Gun Winners list 2013-2014



Drawing Dates:Begin on July 31, 2013 and continue

every Wednesday evening following the

Michigan "Daily 3" game drawing.


The Winning # for July 23rd is # 760
Congratulations to Gerald J of Trenton!
Henry "Golden Boy" lever, .44 mag rifle
The Winning # for July 16th is # 836
Cogratulations to Mike K of Canton!
Smith & Wesson M&P "Shield", 9mm pistol
The Winning # for July 9th is # 533
Congratulations to Alan W of Lake Zurich!
Thompson Center "Triumph", .50 cal, black powder rifle
The Winning # for July 2nd is # 275
Congratulations to Jeffery D of Holt!
Ruger LCP, .380 auto, black w/ chrome slide, pistol
The Winning # for June 25th is #878
Congratulations to Edward A of Orfordville!
New England Firearms "pardner" pump 20 gauge shotgun
The Winning # for June 18th is #125
Congratulations to Marcel L of Minocqua!
Ruger American rifle, .270 win caliber
The Winning # for June 11th is #415
Congratulations to David F of Jackson!
Benelli (Montefeltro) 20 ga
The Winning # for June 4th is #623
Congratulations to Leonard T of Park Rapids!
Marlin model 336,30-30 cal. Lever Action Rifle
The Winning # for May 28th is #283
Congratulations to Todd N of Hulbert!
Remington 870 Express 20 ga, 26' bbl Pump Action Shotgun
The Winning # for May 21st is #628
Congratulations to Michelle C of Lansing!
Bersa (Thunder 380) Semi-Auto Pistol 2 Tone
The Winning # for May 14th is #096
Congratulations to Ron B of Austin!
Ruger LCR Light Weight Revolver 38 Special
The Winning # for May 7th is #993
Congratulations to Peggy R of Austin!
 Benelli (Nova) 20 ga 24' BBL pump action shotgun
The Winning # for April 30th is #767
Congratulations to Calvin B of Lewistown!
Remington 700 7mm mag, scoped rifle package
The Winning # for April 23rd is #560
Congratulations to Bernie C of Bath!
Thompson Center Impact Muzzleloader
The Winning # for April 16th is #784
Congratulations to Brian S of Reedsville!
Browning BPS pump, shotgun
The Winning # for April 9th is #648
Congratulations to Wally B of Tomahawk!
Remington 700 scoped in 22-250
The Winning # for April 2nd is #565
Congratulations to Murray C of  Plainwell!
Smith & Wesson "Bodyguard" .380 w/ laser pistol
The Winning # for March 26th is #294
Congratulations to David L of  
CZ Mallard O/U, 12 ga,  shotgun  
The Winning # for March 19th is #392
Congratulations to Randall W of 
Brownston Twp!
Savage model 212, 12 ga bolt action slug gun  


The Winning # for March 12th is #764
Congratulations to Philip Y of 
Stoeger "Uplander" 12 ga., SxS shotgun   


The Winning # for March 5Th is #321
Congratulations to John Lof  
Henry "H001" .22 S/L/L.R. lever action rifle 
The Winning # for February 26th is #800
Congratulations to Gary H of 
Eaton Rapids!   
Kimber "Ultra Carry" .45 ACP pistol
The Winning # for Febuary 19th is #419
Congratulations to Gary K of Ludington!  
Ruger 10-22 Take Down .22 LR  
The Winning # for Febuary 12th is #852 
Congratulations to Lynn C of Ashley!  
Browning A-Bolt "Stalker" , 300 Win Mag 
The Winning # for Febuary 5th is #772
Congratulations to Joel C of Sault Ste. Marie!  Mossberg 505 .410 ga pump, compact 
The Winning # for January 29th is #791
Congratulations to Terry D of Blaine!
H&R Ultra Slug Hunter 20 ga., Monte Carlo Stock
The Winning # for January 22nd is #548
Congratulations to Bob B of Grand Rapids!
Ruger LC9, compact 9mm pistol, black
The Winning # for January 15th is #291
Congratulations to David C of Beloit!
Browning BPS, 20 ga, pump shotgun 
The Winning # for January 8th is #725
Congratulations to 
Bob P. of West Mifflin!
 Ruger Vaquero, "John Wayne" autographed model, .45 colt 
The Winning # for January 1st is #883
Congratulations to James B of Midland!
Remington 770, scoped .243 Package Rifle!
  The Winning # for December 25th is #453
Congratulations to Roger C of Laingsburg!
Beretta NEO .22 Pistol! 
The Winning # for December 18th is #094
Congratulations to Gary K of Grand Blanc!

Mossberg Silver Reserve 28ga O/U shotgun!

The Winning # for December 11th is #520
Congratulations to Charles H. of Lake Villa!
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 AR Style .22LR Semi-auto Rifle  
The Winning # for December 4th is #756
Congratulations to Doug V. of Midland!

Remington 887 Nitro Mag, 12 ga, 28" bbl. Shotgun  


The Winning # for November 27th is #760
Congratulations to Gerald J. of Trenton!

Remington 700, scope package, 30-06 rifle 


The Winning # for November 20th is #049
Congratulations to Floyd S. of Lincoln!

Remington 870 Express, 12 ga., 28" bbl.,  shotgun 


The Winning # for November 13th is #442
Congratulations to Tadd H. of Grand Blanc! 

Heritage Arms "Rough Rider", .22L.R./.22 Mag Revolver


The Winning # for November 6th is #405
Congratulations to Alfred B. of Marion Station!

Browning BPS Shotgun in 28 gauge


The Winning # for October 30th is #525
Congratulations to Jim M. of Jonesville!

New England Firearms "Pardner" pump, 12 gauge shotgun


The Winning # for October 23rd is #323

 Congratulations to Robert L. of  Irons! 

Traditions Pursuit Ultralight .50 cal muzzleloader


The Winning # for October 16th is #313

 Congratulations to Ken K. of Woodland! 

Stoeger Coach gun, .410 caliber, SxS shotgun

The Winning # for October 9th is #370

 Congratulations to Scott A. of Laingsburg! 

Marlin model 1895G, .45-70 cal lever action rifle


The Winning # for October 2nd is #315

 Congratulations to Randall W. of Brownstown! 

Ruger LCP, .380 auto, black,pistol


The Winning # for September 25th is #670

 Congratulations to Corey E. of Parma! 

Savage 93 R17Snow Camo .17HMR rifle/scope package


The Winning # for September 18th is #205

 Congratulations to Karen G. of Dewitt! 

Benelli "Nova" pump, 12 ga. Shotgun


The Winning # for September 11th is #260

 Congratulations to Gregg P. of Rogers! 

Ruger10-22 International, s.s. bbl. .22lr rifle


The Winning # for September 4th is #493

 Congratulations to Dan A. of Lansing! 

Tikka T3, .30-06 black synthetic stock, s.s. bbl Rifle


The Winning # for August 28th is #604

 Congratulations to Bryan W. of Dansville! 

Browning BPS 12 gauge shotgun


The Winning # for August 14th is #955

 Congratulations to Guy S. of Taylor ! 

CZ model 912 "Tom Knapp" 12 ga semi-auto shotgun


  The Winning # for August 7th is #588

 Congratulations to Kathy R. of Chelsea! 

Franchi "Legend" 12 ga.,O/U shotgun


The Winning # for July 31st is #642

 Congratulations to Dale P. of Pillow! 

Kimber Solo carry 9mm pistol

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